Project "Development of Territorial Development Planning Processes and Information System" (TAPIS 3rd round)

On November 27, 2017, the State Regional Development Agency (SRDA) concluded an Agreement with the Central Finance and Contracts Agency on the European Union Fund project no. Implementation of “Development of Territorial Development Planning Processes and Information System”. The project will be implemented with the support of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and its total amount of funding is EUR 1,000,000.

The project will ensure the development of the already functioning Spatial Development Planning Information System (hereinafter - TAPIS). spatial planning and local planning development processes, which would allow them to be developed in the system in parallel, creating a report generation mechanism on received institutional conditions or opinions and citizens' proposals, as well as including a detailed plan in the form of TAPIS structured spatial and textual data. To ensure convenient access to information to the public and institutions, including in the form of open data sets, thus improving the quality of performance of administrative process functions.

The overarching goal of the project is the development of spatial planning, real estate management and construction data flow and the creation of an integrated data environment.

To achieve this, a subordinate goal is set - to ensure further functional development of TAPIS and Regional Development Indicators Module (hereinafter - RAIM), improvement of public administration efficiency and interoperability in real estate and construction management, observing e-government planning principles and European Union ( EU) and national policy planning documents.

Project goals:

  1. Implement an easy-to-use, efficient, advanced TAPIS solution based on modern technologies;
  2. Electrify Maritime Spatial Planning Support Processes;
  3. To improve the territorial development planning processes in TAPIS, within the framework of data exchange cooperation;
  4. To promote public availability of data of the territorial development planning process on the portals and by introducing four electronic services (two existing e-services will be improved and two new e-services will be developed);
  5. To improve RAIM, including ensuring the integration of the public part of the solution with the Data publishing platform.
  6. The implementation of the project activities is planned for a period of 3 years from November 27, 2017 to November 26, 2020.
  7. Due to the procurement of TAPIS maintenance and improvement within the project, it is planned to make the project for 6 (six) months.

Project implementation status as of July 16, 2020:

  1. Implementation of all project activities has started, except for project activities such as “TAPIS and RAIM performance and security audit” and “TAPIS and RAIM system administrators and users training”, which are planned to be implemented at the end of the project.
  2. The project has the following cooperation partners:
    2.1. State Environmental Monitoring Bureau (ESB);
    2.2. State Construction Control Bureau (BVKB);
    2.3. Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development (MEPRD);
    2.4. State Land Service (SLS).
  3. In the TAPIS project, the improvement works were provided by the following companies:
    3.1. SIA “Tieto Latvia” (TAPIS system and e-services);
    3.2. SIA “Visma Consulting” (RAIM). The contract has expired and a new procurement has been announced.
    3.3. SIA “Visma Enterprise” (public part of TAPIS Geoportal). The contract has expired and a new procurement has been announced.
    3.4. On April 30, 2020, an agreement No. 13-7 / 20/86 was concluded with SIA “E_Synergy” on the improvement and maintenance of the Territorial Development Planning Information System (TAPIS) and the e-services provided by it. Under this agreement, development will be commissioned for the implementation of the project activities.
  4. TAPIS improvement works are performed on the basis of change requests (hereinafter - IP). Multiple IPs may be required to implement one project activity. IP content is defined by the TAPIS manager - MEPRD. As of the date of posting the information, IPs in the amount of 504,326.78 EUR have been realized
  5. Within the framework of the project, the EU requirements specified in regulatory enactments and in force regarding the publicity of the project have been ensured, namely, informative posters placed at the project implementation site and at the cooperation partners.
  6. Of the 36 months planned for the project implementation, 32 projects are implemented, which is 88.8% of the planned project implementation time.
  7. 62.38% of the total project funding has been used from the total project funding.
  8. 09.17.2020. CFLA payment request No.10 was submitted.
  9. Implementation of the project in accordance with the Cabinet Regulation No. 653 of 17 November 2015 "Operational Program" Growth and Employment "2.2.1. the Project Supervision Council revised the provisions of Paragraph 46 of the Implementing Provisions of the measure "Establishment of Centralized Public Administration ICT Platforms, Optimization and Development of Public Administration Processes".
  10. Execution status of operational processes to be improved in the project:
    10.1. Execution of the maritime spatial planning process TAPIS - completed by 90%;
    10.2. Inter-institutional data exchange within the framework of spatial planning, real estate management and construction processes - completed by 70%;
    10.3 Support for the Latvian territorial development planning process TAPIS - fulfilled by 80%
    10.4 Availability of data and e-services of the territorial development planning process - fulfilled by 85%
    10.5 Regional development monitoring and evaluation process - completed by 80%.

More information:

Andris Putniņš
Information Systems Development Department
Project unit
Project Manager
Phone: 66164659


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