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The “Platform for the provision and management of services” project continues the activities undertaken by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development project “Public Administration Information and Communication Technology Architecture Management System” and is closely linked to the “Single Data Space” project of the European Regional Development Fund of the State Regional Development Agency.

The aim of the project The main aim of the project is to improve the availability, delivery efficiency, usability and administrative burden of multi-channel services by developing a Secure Electronic Supply Platform and by introducing a platform for the provision and management of services.

Project Main Activities Within the framework of the project, the following actions shall be implemented to achieve its objectives:

  1. Project management;
  2. Development and deployment of a platform for the provision and management of services;
  3. Adaptation and integration of related information systems with the Services Delivery and Management Platform;
  4. Development and deployment of a secure electronic delivery platform in Round 2;
  5. Promoting the use of public information and communication technologies;
  6. Ensuring publicity;
  7. Development of supporting documents for the project.

Project outcomes:

  1. 12 operational processes improved;
  2. One centralised open information system platform has been developed, including their implementation;
  3. 10 e-services improved;
  4. An e-forms solution has been introduced;
  5. 10 training, information and publicity measures have been implemented;
  6. Trained users of 200 centralised information systems platforms.

Project costs The total cost of implementing the project is EUR 4 500 000, EUR 00, of which EUR 3 825 000, EUR 00 is financed by the European Regional Development Fund. Duration of project The duration of the project shall be 36 months from the date of conclusion of the project implementation agreement of 21 November 2017. Partners The following partners shall participate in the project:

  1. The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development,
  2. Ventspils City Council,
  3. Ministry of Welfare,
  4. The Natural Protection Board,
  5. Ministry of Economy,
  6. Riga City Council Information and Technology Centre,
  7. The State Environmental Service,
  8. The State Social Insurance Agency.