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The portal is the widest and most convenient source of information about the services provided by the Latvian Public Administration.

The main goal of the portal is to provide Latvian and foreign residents and entrepreneurs with centralized and convenient access to information about public administration services and their electronic use, as well as to ensure electronic and secure communication with the state.

Public administration services are published in the Catalog of Services and provide information on the procedure and types of receipt, the amount and procedure of payment, as well as the legal basis.

The portal provides electronic execution of services. Execution of e-services includes application for electronic services, payment if necessary and receipt of results.

Each user of the portal in the section "My workplace" has the opportunity to see all received and sent notifications, an overview of performers e-services, the opportunity to change their settings and contact information, as well as use the official communication channel with Latvian state e-mail address.

On each page of the portal, it is possible to choose the functionality of the visually impaired display, as well as access to information in English and Russian, performed with the help of a machine translator.

The “Regulations of the Public Administration Services Portal” of the Cabinet of Ministers stipulate - “The portal is a high-security state information system, and its manager is the State Regional Development Agency.”

The Public Administration Services Portal started its operation on August 3, 2006. The portal was launched by the Ministry of Special Assignments for e-Government.

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