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The Geospatial Information Portal is a single access point to Latvia's geospatial information and services. For public access, data from various Latvian geospatial data holders are collected on one portal.

The following geospatial information services are available in the geoportal map browser and in the form of geoproducts:

Free and paid services are available to users on the Geoportal. Search and view geospatial datasets for free without downloading. The exception is those sets of geospatial information, the maintenance of which is not fully provided from the state budget and the maintenance of which requires large-scale and frequent updating of geospatial information. Paid services are located and purchased in the section Geoproducts.

The manager of the Geoportal is the State Regional Development Agency, which organizes and manages the operation of the Geoportal in accordance with the procedures specified in regulatory enactments. The functions and tasks of the controller are determined by Cabinet Regulation No. 668 of 30 August 2011 “Regulations of the State Unified Geospatial Information Portal”.

The State Regional Development Agency is a public administration institution under the supervision of the Minister of Environmental Protection and Regional Development. The aim of the Agency is to implement support measures for balanced regional development of the country, ensuring the implementation of state, European Union funds and other financial instruments delegated in regulatory enactments, development of state and local government e-government, research activities, as well as administrative support for international program secretariats.