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Electronic procurement system (EIS) in Latvia is the first e-procurement system in the Baltic States.

The maintenance and development of the electronic procurement system is ensured by the Electronic Procurement Department of the State Regional Development Agency, the functions of which are:


  • coordinate changes, development and maintenance of EIS;
  • to ensure the operation of the EIS and its subsystems for the performance of procurement and procurement procedures and related activities of state and local government institutions;
  • to ensure the organization of public standardized procurement procedures for goods and services and the conclusion of procurement contracts (general agreements) for the supply of goods and services to the users of the EIS e-catalog subsystem;
  • monitor the implementation of the framework agreements concluded by the Agency and regularly publish information on all supply contracts concluded in the EIS e-Catalog subsystem.

The operation of the electronic procurement system from 1 June 2009 is ensured by the State Regional Development Agency in accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers Order No. of 1 April 2009. 220 "On the Reorganization of the Secretariat of the Minister of Special Assignments for Electronic Government Affairs".

Contact person:

Elita Klavina

Electronic Procurement Department
Head of Catalog Content Department
State Regional Development Agency
Tel. 28361078