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The electronic address or e-address for citizens and entrepreneurs creates an opportunity to communicate with state and local government institutions in the future electronically and in one place - in their e-address, as well as a unified communication platform for all state institutions.

The e-address is a unified communication platform that can be compared to the usual Internet bank - in a closed environment, on the public administration services portal every e-mail user has a secure account that ensures receiving and storing official messages from state institutions. The e-address also provides an opportunity for a citizen and an entrepreneur to send a message to any state and local government institution, the number of which reaches almost three thousand.

The e-mail address will not replace the e-mail - you will be able to receive information about the arrival of the message in the e-mail address, but not the message itself. The e-address addresses important issues, for example, people often have different declared and actual places of residence, as well as a large number of Latvian nationals stay abroad for a long time.

Due to the fact that the environment is not available everywhere, communication with the state becomes more convenient for people with special needs, thanks to the e-address. With the creation of an e-mail address, a person will inform the state that in the future he or she wants to communicate with state administration institutions only electronically. For example, if a resident has so far received reports (invitation to the election) or invoices (real estate tax calculation) from the state to the address of the declared place of residence, then by creating an e-mail address, the information will be sent electronically to it. Create your email address!

Create your e-address!