Since August 2008, the SRDA is providing development and maintenance of the Joint Information System for Municipalities (JISM). The main task of the JISM is to provide technological support to municipalities of Latvia for accessing their services electronically by creating a joint data accounting and exchange systems that are compatible.

The JISM is being created since 2000, and currently it provides not only such municipal functions as registration of the population, registration of the real estate, gathering and storing data of the registry offices and social service providers but also data exchange with Population Register, Real Estate State Cadastre Information System, State Address Register, Vehicle and Drivers’ State Register.  

Such an exchange of data gives an opportunity to decrease circulation of paper documents, and accelerate the administrative process; thus the possibility to receive the necessary municipal service is significantly accelerated.

The JISM is used by more than 120 local municipalities every day, and this number is constantly increasing. The functionality of the JISM is constantly being expanded and improved in respect to the legal acts, policy planning documents and municipalities’ requirements. The software of the JSIM is accessible to every municipality of Latvia.

To promote e-governance implementation in the municipalities, 10 competence centres were established. Two competence centres have study classes where studies on utilisation of the information system for the employees of the municipalities take place.

The SRDA in cooperation with the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development is developing a territory planning information system (TIS). The TIS will provide centralized circulation of the territorial planning documents as well as the support to the territory planning development and harmonisation. The TIS will be accessible to every municipality in Latvia.