Since June 1, 2009 the SRDA is in charge of the functions of the Secretariat of the Special Assignments Minister for Electronic Government Affairs, and thus it is now responsible for implementation of the e-procurements and the e-services.

In the EU structural funds planning period 2004-2006 the services, which are accessible in the joint state and municipal e-services’ portal, were electrolyzed in cooperation with the state and the municipal institutions.

In the current EU structural funds planning period implementation and development of new e-services is continued.

By electrolyzing the services, the institutions optimize their activities and provide inhabitants and companies with more qualitative provision of the state administration’ services. This gives the institutions a common platform for creating the e-services and their provision in the united state and municipal services’ portal

While working for the development of the e-services, it is important to create a national support point for the Insafe network in Latvia, and to achieve that the utilization of internet and modern communication technologies is safer. It is also important to prevent dissemination of illegal content in internet and involve society and internet service providers in creating a more qualitative information environment:

  • improve access to and utilization of digital content;
  • create an EU level joint access to the e-procurement processes and normative environment.

To promote development of an effective, economic, open and democratic state administration, and in order to promote development of the state administration services, a new policy initiative includes several activities:

  • development of e-elections information system;
  • coordination of the joint information systems (central registers) – Population Register, Electors’ Register, and other joint information systems;
  • Ordering different e-services, e.g., electronic references and licenses, submitting different applications, etc;
  • introduction of electronic identification and authentication;
  • promotion of introduction of a safe e-signature;
  • coordination of different state administration service development channels. 

An interactive site for electronic communication between the population and public administration institutions: E-consultations